Quality early childhood education provides a solid return on investment.

Every dollar invested in early education produces a 7-10% return through increased personal achievement and social productivity.

Source:  James Heckman, Professor of Economics, University of Chicago.

NC Early Education Coalition

2017-18 Early Education Legislative Agenda

The NC Early Education Coalition, with its partners and members, secured a very successful early education agenda in the NC General Assembly 2017 with $68 million in new funding for NC PreK, Child Care Subsidy Rates, and early literacy programs for Smart Start.

Download the Coalition's 2017-18 legislative agenda.

Download the Coalition's 2017-18 legislative summary report.

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Early Education Matters!

For Children
Early childhood education impacts a child's learning, health, and success in school, career and in life.

For Working Families
Early childhood education ensures that parents can participate in the workforce and support their children.

For the State
Early childhood education is critical to growing a skilled workforce that can improve North Carolina's economic competitiveness.