​For More Information on Child Care in North Carolina:

Child Care Services Association Data Center

 - State Child Care Fact Sheet

 - County Child Care Fact Sheets

 - Working in Early Care and Education in North Carolina, 2012 Workforce Study

First 2000 Days Campaign

There are only 2000 days between the time a baby is born and when that child shows up for the first day of kindergarten.

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Snapshot of Early Care and Education in North Carolina

Number of Children ages 0-5758,123
Households in which all parents present are employed


Employed mothers with children under age 6​


Licensed early care and education child care programs​


Number of children enrolled in licensed child care programs


Total number of children receiving child care subsidy


Total number of children on waiting list for child care subsidy36,838
Total number of children enrolled in NC Pre-K26,818
% of 4 year olds enrolled in Pre-K
Average annual fee for full-time star rated child care center
Number of child care workforce employees
Child care center teacher median starting salary

Sources of Data:

2010 U.S. Census; 2010-2011 Market Rate Survey, NC Division of Child Development & Early Education; Working in Early Care and Education in North Carolina, June 2012, Child Care Services Association; NC Division of Child Development & Early Education.